AB 241 – Requires public agencies to offer identity theft prevention or mitigation services at no cost to affected persons for no less than 12 months, if there is a breach of personal information including Social Security Numbers or driver's license numbers.

AB 380 – Modernizes the California’s Automobile Sales Finance Act & California Vehicle Leasing Act by allowing consumers to purchase or lease a vehicle with electronic signatures.

AB 588 – Updates and clarifies required consumer disclosures that were enacted in        AB 2693 (Dababneh, 2016), the PACE Preservation and Consumer Protection Act.

AB 611 – Authorizes a mandated reporter of suspected financial abuse of an elder or dependent adult to not honor a power of attorney if the reporter has made, or knows of anyone else that has made, a report to an adult protective services agency or local law enforcement agency, on the holder of the power of attorney.

AB 784 – Expands the participation in the Pilot Program for Increased Access to Responsible Small Dollar Loans by increasing the permissible loan amounts.

AB 858 – Establishes the California Financial Literacy Initiative as a program for improving financial literacy by offering instructional materials for teachers and parents to provide high-quality financial literacy education for pupils in kindergarten and grades 1 thru 12, inclusive.

AB 908 –Provides guidance and assistance to Providence Hospital in Tarzana in an effort to comply with seismic safety retrofitting requirements.

AB 1026 – Expands the qualifying providers in the California Health Facilities Financing Authority Act and the California Health Facility Construction Loan Insurance Fund to include for-profit corporations when at least 60% of their patients are Medi-Cal beneficiaries. This increased access to low-interest financing will allow for necessary renovations to existing facilities as well as the construction of new ones to increase bed capacity and expand healthcare needs in California.

AB 1194 – Increases transparency for voters regarding the effects that local bond measures may have on their residential property taxes.

AB 1255 – Requires the DMV to develop a digital mobile driver’s license application for smartphone use.

AB 1333 – Requires every local government that maintains an Internet Web site to post notices of any upcoming election in which voters will vote on a tax measure or proposed bond issuance of the agency. The bill would also require every local government agency to include the notice in an electronic newsletter.

AB 1375 – Require facilities licensed to house foster youth to provide to the State Department of Social Services a daily census of available beds and a comprehensive listing of the services provided by the facility.

AB 1421 – Requires a study of the noise and vibration levels produced by trains in residential areas.

AB 1460 – Provides independent insurance agents and brokers the flexibility to make deposits in trust accounts located in banks outside of California.

AB 1510 – Creates the Athletic Training Practice Act to license and regulate athletic trainers through a committee under the Occupational Therapy Board of California. 

AB 1542 – Jordan’s Law. Adds a new crime for conspiring with an attacker to videotape a violent felony and a sentence enhancement for committing a violent felony with the intent to videotape it.