Assemblymember Dababneh Issues Statement on the Passage of the 2017-18 State Budget

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Assemblymember Dababneh Issues Statement on the Passage of the 2017-18 State Budget

Dababneh Joins Legislature in Approving Another On-time and Balanced Budget

SACRAMENTO — Today, Assemblymember Matt Dababneh (D-Woodland Hills) released the following statement regarding the passage of the 2017-18 State Budget:

“The California Legislature has continued to show responsible leadership by approving the seventh consecutive, on-time, and balanced state budget. I am proud to cast my votes today to continue down this path of fiscal responsibility.

We must live within our means, as Valley residents and businesses do every day in planning their own budgets. This state budget continues to fulfill that promise.

I applaud and support the direction that California is taking in focusing on the core functions of government including:

  • increasing funding for K-12 education while providing flexibility for local school districts;
  • investing in higher education and financial support for all of our students including restoration of the Middle Class Scholarship;
  • expanding access to health care and family planning services with a new influx of funds from Prop 56;
  • extending the state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to more eligible working families;
  • protecting seniors and people with disabilities from cuts to the In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program;
  • improving air quality in the Valley by investing in clean transportation and emissions reduction programs; and,
  • contributing to the state’s Rainy Day Fund and paying down long term debt so we can be prepared for tougher years down the road and avoid devastating cuts to these critical programs.

The state budget is more than just about numbers in a ledger book – it’s what these numbers represent that counts. They translate into increased opportunities for our seniors, students, small business owners, and working families to improve their chances of succeeding in California.”


2017-18 State Budget Statement