Important Public Safety Bill - 'Jordan's Law' - Clears Key Assembly Committee

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

‘Jordan’s Law’ Takes an Important Step Forward to Protect Children around California.

(Sacramento) – The Assembly Public Safety Committee voted today in strong, bipartisan support of ‘Jordan’s Law’ – Assembly Bill (AB) 1542 – by Assemblymember Matt Dababneh (D – Woodland Hills) to prevent social media motivated attacks. 

“Jordan’s Law is an important step in updating our criminal code to align with constantly changing technologies and a new social media culture,” stated Assemblymember Dababneh. “This is the first bill of its kind to finally take a stand to prevent social media motivated attacks and make clear that conspiring with an attacker to film an assault makes you equally responsible for the crime.”

The idea for ‘Jordan’s Law’ came after Valley Resident Jordan Peisner was viciously assaulted outside a fast food restaurant by a total stranger in December. The attacker’s friend provided clear motivation for the crime and recorded the incident for purposes of posting on social media. That accomplice was not charged. Jordan suffered severe physical injuries, including a blood clot in his brain and permanent hearing loss along with emotional scars that will last a lifetime.

“My son Jordan’s life was forever changed after this attack and we’ve been working ever since to raise awareness and turn this mess into a message,” stated Ed Peisner, Jordan’s father. “I was so surprised when Assemblymember Dababneh personally reached out to me after the attack to back my efforts. He’s championing this cause not just for my son but for our whole community.”

‘Jordan’s Law' provides stiffer penalties for videotaping violent felonies and makes clear that a person who plans with an attacker to film the assault is also subject to prosecution. The bill now moves forward to Assembly Appropriations Committee.