“Pet Rescue and Adoption Act” Advances in Senate

Monday, July 17, 2017

Bill will promote the sale of shelter and rescue animals in pet stores.

SACRAMENTO — Assembly Bill (AB 485) helps end the sale of pets that are inhumanely mass produced for profit in puppy mills. It would require pet stores offering dogs, cats or rabbits for sale in California to only obtain these animals from humane sources, such as shelters, rescue groups or instead have consumers use ethical dog breeders. Joint-authored by Assemblymember Matt Dababneh (D – Woodland Hills), AB 485 passed today in the Senate Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development.

“The ‘Pet Rescue and Adoption Act’ took an important step forward today and gained more support in the Senate,” remarked Assemblymember Dababneh. “This bill will not only help bring an end to the deplorable breeding practices at puppy mills but will also protect consumers as many of the animals from these ill-maintained facilities sold in pet stores are often sick and face serious medical challenges.”

AB 485 is sponsored by Social Compassion In Legislation (SCIL), a leading nonprofit organization focused on the welfare, protection, and rights of animals. SCIL was instrumental in the successful passage of a similar ordinance in the City of Los Angeles in 2012, which has saved the lives of thousands of animals that would have been euthanized.

“We are encouraged by the Committee’s vote today,” stated Judie Mancuso, founder and president of Social Compassion in Legislation. “As the testimony today made clear, AB 485 is a good bill for both businesses and the animals it will save. We are confident the members of the full senate will agree and look forward to a vote on the floor.”

AB 485 is also supported by a broad coalition of animal rights shelters, pet rescue groups, and local governments including the following cities: Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco. The bill now proceeds to the Senate Floor for further consideration.

Pet Rescue and Adoption Act Passes Senate Policy Committee