San Fernando Valley Assemblymember Matt Dababneh Issues Statement on Planned Re-Opening of Aliso Canyon

Thursday, July 20, 2017

SACRAMENTO — Assemblymember Matt Dababneh made the following statement criticizing the proposal to re-open Aliso Canyon:

“I was disappointed to hear that state regulators plan to reopen the Aliso Canyon natural gas facility before they ascertain what exactly caused the over four month leak to take place in 2015.  This disaster disrupted thousands of lives, cost local small businesses millions of dollars, and caused serious health issues for many Valley residents.  I oppose this decision. 

First, at a minimum, we should have a conclusive study to pinpoint the causes of this disaster prior to reopening the facility, which is what would be required under a bill I am co-authoring, SB 57 by State Senator Henry Stern. Second, we should be requiring that the facility undertake the strongest possible safety upgrades, especially on all active wells.

While it is encouraging to know that the Energy Commission plans to shut down Aliso Canyon and replace it with clean energy over the next 10 years, I still believe that reopening the facility without taking these reasonable precautions is simply irresponsible and risks another catastrophe. I’ll be working with my colleagues in the Legislature to continue fighting for increased transparency and safety regarding the Aliso Canyon facility, and I plan to keep you updated on any developments.”


Aliso Canyon Statement