Dababneh’s Bill to Prevent Social Media Motivated Attacks Passes Assembly Floor

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

(Sacramento) - Assembly Bill 1542 by Assemblymember Matt Dababneh (D–Woodland Hills) has passed the State Assembly with strong, bipartisan support. AB 1542, also known as ‘Jordan’s Law,’ is an important step toward preventing social media motivated attacks. “I am glad we were able to pass Jordan’s Law today off of the Assembly Floor with a bipartisan vote,” said Assemblymember Dababneh. “This is the first bill of its kind to finally take a stand against this new, ugly epidemic of attacks committed for the purpose of gaining social media notoriety.” Jordan’s Law will increase the penalties for an attacker who videotapes an assault and also make clear that anyone providing assistance to an attacker to film an assault will be equally liable. Watch this Assembly Access video to see Assemblymember Dababneh present AB 1542 to the State Assembly.