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Governor approves Ramos bill to reduce costs of temporary shelter for homeless

SACRAMENTO--Constructing temporary sleeping cabins – which are less than 250 square feet – used to shelter the homeless will be less expensive with the governor’s approval of a measure that allows these temporary shelters to be built without fire sprinklers but with alternative fire safety standards. Assemblymember James C.

Governor signs Ramos bill to expedite CSU accountability requirements to meet 1995 deadline to return Native American remains and cultural items

SACRAMENTO—California State University campuses will be required to follow State Auditor recommendations for repatriation of Native American human remains and items wrongfully in their possession and prohibited from using Native American remains and cultural artifacts for purposes of teaching or research and to the appropriate tribes under legislation signed today by Governor Gavin Newsom.

Governor signs Ramos bill placing UC under greater scrutiny due to slow progress in returning Native American human remains to appropriate tribes

SACRAMENTO—University of California (UC) campuses will face two additional state audits in the wake of slow progress in returning wrongly held Native American human remains and cultural artifacts to the appropriate tribes under a bill, AB 226, signed today by the governor and authored by Assemblymember James C. Ramos (D-San Bernardino). Federal and state law required UC to return the human remains and items by 1995.

Ramos and Yurok tribal chairman disappointed and saddened by veto of bill requiring improved, updated county practices to find missing foster children

SACRAMENTO—Assemblymember James C. Ramos (D-San Bernardino)and Yurok Tribal Chairman Joe James today issued the following statement upon learning of the governor’s veto of AB 273 which would have established additional requirements for social workers, probation officers, and juvenile courts when a child or non-minor dependent (NMD) is missing from foster care, including immediate notification requirements, hearing timelines, and due diligence reporting deadlines.