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Ramos: congratulates Bonta for ‘securing justice in Indian Country’

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO—Assemblymember James C. Ramos (D-San Bernardino) released the following statement upon learning of the the 26-years to life sentencing of Jarrett Blue Rucker who killed Milton “Yogi” McGarva on March 9, 2020. McGarva was a member of Pit River Tribe and a victim of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous People (MMIP) crisis. Rucker was convicted in a prosecution effort led by Attorney General Rob Bonta and his Criminal Division at the Department of Justice. California ranks fifth in the nation for unresolved MMIP cases.

I applaud Attorney General Rob Bonta for his successful efforts to secure a conviction

In this case. He has been a steadfast partner and leader in working to end the MMIP crisis and in developing department initiatives such as hosting statewide MMIP events, developing an MMIP database, and ensuring that tribal victims understand their rights. Moreover, he understood the urgency behind the MMIP emergency declarations issued by some tribes. These are critical steps to bring justice to victims and their families.

Attorney General Bonta’s support of legislative efforts such as my AB 2695 are demonstrative of his commitment to collaborative partnerships to further safety on tribal lands. AB 2695 would require law enforcement agencies to collect data on criminal activity on Indian lands and report that information to DOJ. I am looking forward to partnering with him on future legislation and other endeavors to increase reservation safety such as granting peace office status to tribal police so they have the full investigative powers of other law enforcement personnel. Working to reverse the pernicious impact of Public Law 280, a federal law that stripped safety resources from six states including California is another critical undertaking to bring justice to Indian Country.

I thank him for the relief that his efforts and that of his team brought to Mr. McGarva’s loved ones and congratulate him for securing justice in Indian Country.


Assemblymember James C. Ramos proudly represents the 45th Assembly district that includes the Cities of Fontana, Highland, Mentone, Redlands, Rialto and San Bernardino. He is the first and only California Native American serving in the state’s legislature. Ramos chairs the Assembly Budget Subcommittee #6 on Public Safety.